Hi there! សួស្តី!
My name is Lylyna Heng, and I am from Cambodia. My path to UX design is not linear like many others. I have a background in economics, accounting, finance, graphic design, and humanity. I honestly feel fortunate and unfortunate about my experience and education. I grew up in a dysfunctional family with inter-generation trauma from the Khmer Rouge. Not to mention, I have to deal with gender norms and toxic masculinity within and outside the family. It is never easy to navigate the storm when people make you feel like a misfit. It feels like I am the only one with the problem. I look for answers by taking classes on humanity, women's studies, gender, masculinity, media, art history, writing, theater, screenwriting, and design. I still don't have an answer, but my perspectives have changed. More importantly, there is still a lot to learn inside and outside class. What do all these have to do with design? I don't know, but at least it equips me with multiple hats at any given time
Before the pandemic, I was a production assistant intern at Los Altos History Museum through the Mellon Humanity Internship program. I applied my knowledge in front-end development to create iPad content for the permanent exhibition. It was a great experience because I got to experience working from concept to the finished product with minimal supervision. It was the first time that I had accomplished something. It gives me time and experience to evaluate my career path. It excites me to explore more about UX design because it applies to almost any industry.
Then the pandemic hit, and everything shut down. I transferred to California College of the Arts in the Fall of 2020. I dropped out of college because it was so expensive to take Google UX Design and calArts UI/UX Design certificate instead. Then I have been waiting for Google UX Design Certificate. I utilized Coursera Campus and Plus to complete both certificates. I am now on my way to landing a job in UX design.
In addition to that, I write about what I learned and experienced at Scholar Journeys. If you have time, please stop by.
Thank you! អរគុណ!
To learn more about my professional background, check out my resume.
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