About Me

Hi there! សួស្តី!

I'm Lyna (Lina) from Cambodia, currently live in San Francisco Bay Area. I am a first-generation to go to college with a master's degree. I have a background in business, finance, and marketing. I earned Google Certificates in UX Design, Project Management, and Digital Marketing and E-commerce to work in tech.

I have work experience in usability testing, Khmer Translation, and Marketing for the following organization: Testbirds, TalkingPoints, and TRIO WSP. I also run and promote a blog as a side project. The roles and responsibilities are quite different from each other. Yet they all have one common goal is to make life better. For instance, usability testing helps companies/organizations to provide better services and products. Khmer translation bridges the gap in communication between parents and teachers to better prepared their kids for success. The TRIO WSP project receives funding from the Federal government to assist students who are first-gen, low-income, and/or disabled. These experiences can translate to empathy, user focus, and inclusive design.

I am looking for the opportunity to grow and learn in any discipline that contributes to social good. 

Thank you! អរគុណ!

PS: check out my resume for more details.
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