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Project overview
What is Inclusion?
Inclusion is the platform that bridges the gap of opportunities for marginalized groups in the retail business (bookstore) in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement. This project will demonstrate the onboard experience, monetization, and error states.
The purpose of inclusion is to raise awareness of social issues through reading that could inspire users to reflect on their thoughts. 
How the app works
The team at the Inclusion will gather topics from various sources. Then the information or data will be filtered and curated to suggest to the readers. The suggestion should be according to credentials and references on the topics.
Persona - Jackie
The interaction focus
Onboard experience
Sign up/in with email or Facebook and choose an interest for further recommendation.
User interaction: browsing, buying books, following authors, etc.
Onboarding experience
There is a 15% fee for each purchase, plus an applicable delivery fee to the reader's destination.
Monetization - how the app makes money
Error state
An online store needs secure online payment. The error state provides feedback to the user for any inaccurate information or errors.
Error state - alerting errors in credit card information
High-fidelity Prototype
High-fidelity prototype
Click here to view the prototype.
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