Project overview
This is the third project that I had near the end of the semester at CCA, which I find it is useful to reflect and share. Online learning has become more and more important going forward. The pandemic has proved its essences in the learning community, however; there were rebuttal from parents and students because it was not well setup. 
The purpose of the project is to understand users' (students) pain points in getting access to all class materials from different platforms. These platforms includes Google Classroom, Moodle, Zoom, Figma and Mural. To understand how users feel about each platform and the overall student engagement.
Interview four undergrad students from CCA, one senior, one junior and two sophomores via Zoom video call. Each interview takes about 20 minutes with the provided interview guidelines and questions. All notes are taken for each answer question and then transfer to Mural board stickers for research synthesis.
Affinity mapping – synthesis (pair work)
Notes represent with different colors for each person. We went through the notes to find a similar pain points, comments or trends. We ended up with ten clusters (workload, time spent on assignment, Google Classroom, Moodle, Figma, Mural, Zoom, Communication Issues, Feedback and Discussion).
Then arrange and rearrange all the sticky notes to its perspective pattern. After the sorting, we found that Moodle, Communication and Feedback are the top three to focus on.
Coming up with insights with "How might we"
The next day, we decided that Online Learning Experience would be better than Feedback. Then we started to prioritize everything the list of urgency, "how might we..." and Design Opportunity.
Going forward
Take away
It was a fun experience to learn more about online learning experience for art school. Art school is having a hard time to move online because of its curriculum delivery method, especially the in-person feedback session. Note taking is really important as well as active listening.
Next step
Go through all the interview question to check for any potential bias, which can be revised for the next study. Take into account accessibility because most tools were acquired based on the majority of normal students. Conduct interview with faculties to find out what worked and didn't work on their side.

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