ZEC (Zoonoses Education Coalition)

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Project overview
The product:
According to CDC, three out of four new or emerging infectious diseases come from animals. That's when One Health comes in. One Health is a collaborative approach that works at the local, regional, national, and global levels to achieve optimal health outcomes by recognizing the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment (CDC One Health). Zoonoses Education Coalition (ZEC) is a public-private partnership that helps to exchange scientific information. The program promotes zoonotic disease prevention messages to the public to stay healthy while enjoying pets. 
Project duration: May 2021 - July 2021
ZEC's application homepage
The problem:
ZEC program is missing out on stakeholders who don't own pets or have any knowledge of zoonotic diseases or those who have had no contact with animals at one point in their life.

The goal:
Design the ZEC app to bridge the knowledge gap between the expert and non-expert and have everyone onboard. The app aims to provide a fun learning experience with interactive content.
My role:
UX Designer leading the app design from conception to delivery.
Conduct research, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, and determining information architecture.
Understanding the user
Problem statement:
Johnny is a senior stockbroker who needs an education application on the current pandemic because the lack of knowledge divides people on a simple situations like social distancing and wearing a mask.
Person - Johnny
Starting the design
Competitive audit:
Direct – no direct competition at the moment.
Similar – CDC app that provides broader information regarding health in general across the globe. Their audience is educated individuals who are interested in health-related issues. 
Adjacent – Khan Academy, Socratic by Google, WHO Academy's COVID-19 app
Khan Academy – An education application for K12 students that offers a variety of subjects.

Socratic by Google
similar to Khan Academy with AI support to help students with their homework, but with a focus on searching for answers.

WHO Academy's COVID-19
– provides training to healthcare workers through interactive learning experiences like augmented reality on many health subjects with a global network.
Unrelated – Apple COVID-19, COVID-19 Alert, Healthy Together, Ella's Hand Washing Adventure
Apple COVID-19 – information on coronavirus and screening tools in partnership with CDC. 

COVID-19 Alert
– available for different cities across the US. It provides the exposure alert to the recipients to self-quarantine, thereby slowing the spread of coronavirus.

Healthy Together
– a protocol that can be used by various institutions to track, and alert its people of potential exposure to COVID-19.

Ella's Hand Washing Adventure
– kid's games aiming to inform and educate kids on hygiene.
Interaction map:
I started with content and then added interaction to the content.
ZEC's interaction map
Site map:
ZEC - Site map
Low-fidelity wireframe:
ZEC's low-fidelity wireframe
High-fidelity prototype:
Prototype summary – in the clickable prototype, the user will be able to complete the following function: sign in, sign up, learn about ZEC and complete different kinds of tests.
ZEC's high-fidelity prototype
Going forward
Encourage adults and kids to learn about zoonotic diseases on the go. Provide knowledgeable materials to bridge the gap between the expert and non-expert. Provide a social platform so everyone can have a conversation about what matters to society.
What I learned:
People have different learning styles, and the learning materials should reflect the user's needs. The lessons should be fun and include real-life scenarios and interviews in addition to facts and scientific evidence.
Next steps:
Step 1:
Research how successful the app is in helping users learn about the zoonotic disease.
Step 2:
Embrace accessibility in the design like screen reader and voice recognition.
Thank you!

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