Create an appealing mouse package design. Explore how affordances, signifiers, and constraints play out in the design.
Janne is a graphic design student who can use both left and right hand as needed. She would like a mouse that feels comfortable, simple, and easy to use, with better material and ergonomics design.
Persona - Janne
Starting the design
Moodboard – packaging
Moodboard - packaging
1st Iteration – inspiration from Beat Headphone Box
1st Iteration of the mouse package design
The 1st iteration was the exploratory stage with the Beat Headphone Box design. The purpose is to play with the materials and how they will play out with the mouse design.
Next: corporate affordances and signifiers to the designs. To provide information on what users can do and how to do it.
2nd Iteration – unboxing experience
2nd Iteration - unboxing experience
The 2nd iteration of the prototype box is to lay out the unwrapping experience without any instruction. To illustrate the affordances (easy to hold), signifiers (handle and hook), and constraints (one-sided open or pull out one side). Play around with colors to create contrast for the next iteration digitally. Test out the product name to see how appealing or confusing to the users.

Next: add different layers to the unboxing steps that are simple enough to set the expectation for the mouse.
3rd Iteration – contents
3rd Iteration - conents
The 3rd iteration is to add contents to the box. Contents include information about features, function, color, and intended uses.

Next: product name change to Mino. To make it easy to pronounce, remember and speak for the product. The contents are concise to the point with mouse illustrations. The aim is to make it easy for the user to unbox and use the mouse without instruction.
Moodboard – color print design
Moodboard - color print design
Packaging print design
Packaging print design
Final packaging design
Final packaging design
Conclusion – affordances, signifiers, and constraints of the package design
Fit nicely to the hand, making it easy to interact with the box: holding and pulling. The handle/hook aids the user in holding one side while pulling out the sleeve
Handle/hook gives the user a hint to hold and pull. The magnet closes and opens the box.
There is only one direction for pulling out the sleeve (hooked side). The box can only open on the right-hand side (magnet side)
It might be a short journey for packaging design, but it takes a lot of trial and error to get to the final product. I learned how to put things together bit by bit. Test out the prototype along the way with the users. At the same time, I stand by my judgment on how and where the design should go or be.
Next step
1. Explore more options for the inner box cover after the sleeve comes off.
2. Print out the design and go for another round of testing with the foam mouse inside the box.
Thank you!
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